Vechain – The Medium of Trust

We are on the brink of a seismic technological shift.  Three emerging technologies are becoming more and moreprevalent  as enablers of this new future.

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IOT devices are becoming integrated extensions of our sensorium.  We use themto sense the world to gather and collect data information.  Scalable blockchain technologies are essential in providing guarantees for authenticity,  and reliability of our data transaction in a secure and decentralized way,  by gathering all trusted and untrusted data.

A.I. allows a new degree of human judgment  for machine learning and decision making. Vechain technology lies at the heart  of this new bold future.  To achieve its ambitious vision Vechain has developed  a powerful blockchain enabled enterprise software platform.  The Vechain platform enables manufacturers to assign products with unique identities  which then allows manufacturers supply chain partners and even consumers  to interact with the product through the platform. It uses blockchain technology  to ensure the security of the data collected.

Allocating private keys  to all participants within a supply chain, a product on the Vechain platform  is assigned a unique ID which is stored simultaneously in the blockchain and  placed on the product with an NFC chip, RFiD tag or QR code  at any point during the product’s life, the chip tag or code can be interacted with.  Whether it’s a distribution or retail partner, a scanner at a certain  supply route, or a consumer learning more about a products history and providence.

Vechain  is also pioneering work into requiring IOT devices to conduct data  collection through physical equipment we are plugging sensors, and the Internet of  Things, into the blockchain. The first gen of blockchain software showed that it  could provide immutably secure and decentralized storage of value.  The second generation of block chains as a service network added smart contracts  Vechain is the third generation of this revolutionary technology we are a  leading enterprise focused DAP and I.C.O platform for products and information.  We aim to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing robust  infrastructure as well as IOT integration with scalability  and by being pioneers in building real world applications  find out more about Vechain and our amazing partnerships.

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Vechain – The Medium of Trust