Cryptocurrency Pick for 2018 is OmiseGO

Hey what’s up guys in this video. I’m gonna go over  my #1 2018 crypto currency pick.  This is a long term pick. So don’t expect  this to go shooting to the roof right when you  buy it today. I know a lot of people thought.  I was crazy with Ripple.  I’m still very bullish on  it looks like it’s gonna make a parabolic move  soon  after a bit of a consolidation period after  yesterday.

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But today we’re gonna talk about  OmiseGo. This is my favorite token. I’m  very heavily invested into OmiseGo. I got some  around seven dollars and I’ve been cost averaging  buying up to about 10 dollars and I still  thinking my make another move, lower  I’ll show you on the technical analysis side, but  for 2018 I think this is going to go  through the roof so, I’m gonna go through the  fundamentals first and then I’ll go through the  technical second, so OmiseGo their goal is to  basically “Banked The Unbanked.”

So  two billion people in Southeast Asia that don’t  have Bank accounts. They wanna give them access  to a digital wallet where they can actually  put cash in an ATM and have digital money into their wallet and  they also wanna be able to use that wallet to  make payments and do all kinds of things, so  one of the biggest customer bases that they’re  going after are individual users. They want to give  this platform where you can use airline miles  all kinds of different  currencies. Crypto currencies, fiat money and you  put that all in your wallet and then you can pay with  it and then you can also take cash out nothing  the third stage of their road map.

It’s the first plasma now where crypto  currency plasma is a scaling solution, created by  Joseph Poon, the same guy who created the lightning  network  for  litecoin and atomic swaps with bitcoin  but the plasma network should allow for a  scalability up to a million  transactions per second rivaling  visa’s network so  it’s gonna be the first plasma network crypto  currency that’s gonna be launched and they are  in very close talks with Vitalik Buterin  these different people.

Their next project is the White Label  label wallet SDK  SDK  just stands for software development kit and  so what this White label wallets gonna allow them  to do is we’re gonna go after these electronic  payment processors think  alipay, think venmo, think cash app, think paypal and  what its gonna allow them to do is is going to  allow them to take this digital wallet with a  couple of changes. Build it right into their  system to allow paypal to be able to pay somebody  with Ali pay or we chat or you know so it’s  gonna allow cross platform interoperability  with this wallet. That’s massive okay.

So how  will the OmiseGo token actually works is it’s something  called proof of stake so when you hold about  a thousand OmiseGo tokens and you don’t need all  the way up to a thousand  because they’re gonna have pooling and all kinds of  other things, but a thousand tokens you stake  them in what’s known as a staking wallet and  what you do is you verify transactions on the  network so the more transactions that are  occurring on the network the more money that you’ll  make by holding OmiseGo tokens and it’s in a  staking wallet. This is my favorite part.

 The advisory team

This is  why I’m so heavily invested because you’re getting  paid just for owning the token by verifying  transactions in this proof of stake model which  is been proven it’s much more cost efficient than  the proof of works model that Bitcoin and  Ethereum are in right now, and it cost a lot less money as  far as powering them.  So the Proof of Stake is actually coming around  Quarter Two of 2018.  According to the road man. So this might not  launch for about 4 or 5 months but it’s good to get  your money in now before the price goes to the  roof with their like.  Wallet SDK release  the other thing is the people that are creating  OmiseGo or OmiseGo  is a company called Omise. They started their  started a few years ago and they were rated the number  one digital start up in 2016 by Thailand.

Prime Minister and they are their growing up  astronomically they’re one of the biggest payment  process in the country and they’re constantly coming out  with new products, new development and they’re  already processing a massive amount of  transactions  They’re advisory team for OmiseGo  is Vitalik Buterin (the guy who create Ethereum)  gavin the Co creator of Ethereum  Joseph Poon, the white paper author of the  lightning networking and  Jae Kwon the  Cosmos network creator and they’ve got Roger.  There in like six other people, that just has this  really really strong advisory team,  They’ve got this cash in cash out model. They’ve  already got a partner that has over 6200 hundred  ATM’s.

That’s a really big deal  because that means that they’ve already got  this infrastructure in place and one of their last  parts of the road map is this massive  decentralized Exchange where they process a  massive volume of payments transactions that  means more money for those that hold OmiseGo tokens  who are staking them.  Their plan is to process every  single transaction that happens on the  block chain. Vitalik  Buterin even said that if Ethereum gets big  enough, he’ll actually leave the  project to go and work alongside of me is go um.  He said, if a theory and gets managing and it’s  got a good road map and he feels comfortable with  it, but he said that’s like five years away, so  that’s something the future.  The other thing is, is  Credit Saison, the third largest credit card  company partnered with them mcdonald’s in  Thailand.

They partner with them so imagine you  know all these mcdonalds people can take their  OmiseGo Wallet and they can go you know, buy a happy  meal.  Their parent company is a ascend capital and  ascend capital they’re connected with alipay  and Ali baba.  One of the biggest companies in the world and all  AliPay is one of the biggest payment  processors in the. They process  over a billion dollars a day and  transactions so imagine if they use OmiseGo  to lower their cost, but that means more money  for people that are holding OmiseGo  again. This is why the proof of stake model so  awesome that’s. Why. I’m so excited about the  project as you get to make money on the  technology.

There’s, a huge community it’s booming got  17000 people on going on facebook. They got 30000  people on reddit um telling people on twitter  and the thing that I like the most about  OmiseGo is they don’t hype anything once the  partnerships done. They’ll post about it once the  technology is complete, then the post about it,  but they don’t put any like hype news stories up  so the prices you know kind of right. This range  of eight dollars to 11 dollars. So once something  gets released, like sdk  wallet, which was suppose to be released, a  quarter four of 2018, but they moved back  to quarter one of 2018  sorry, on quarter 4 of 2017, but they moved back  it back to quarter 4 of 2018  So once they release that wallet, Game’s on, I think it’s gonna go  through the roof.

I’m expecting some huge gains  and some huge dividends from those staking  wallets.  So these are just a couple of announcements from Jun  the founder of OmiseGo and the  guy was pushing OmiseGo.  So they partnered with true money who is already  doing four billion. Four billion dollars a year  across six countries, so I think about you know  they’re gonna be the payment process for them  ascend groups and capital they’re the ones that  and invested in ant financial again that’s the  AliPay and the Hubii network  it’s 50 million different.  Unique content they’re gonna be the payment  processor for the who be network  and then mcdonald’s, I already  mentioned them.

But payment process for them so big  deal so let’s get to the technical analysis so  I always talk about emotions and market  cycles and stuff like that. This is a really big  in crypto currency community especially, when big  theory and all these alternative currencies, but  if you look at this graph here the big thing is  every market cycle goes through this.

It goes  from disbelief to hope to optimism and then it  goes up to euphoria and the people in euphoria  you and everybody’s buying and at the Super high  prices and then it comes right back down  so this is what happened with OmiseGo with  some announcements and then people got angry and  upset because they just basically announced the  road map that said our  road map is gonna be really lot because this is a  really big vision. Jun said himself that he  wants to pay process the payments of every  transaction in the world that is like long term  vision so imagine this company in 10 years if  they had even a fraction of their vision, which  would be amazing,  so let’s take a look at.

The actual analysis

Let’s take a look at the actual analysis,  so here’s where we started down here and then  what happened is. You can see climbed up and I  got to about .00031  in Bitcoin and then it kinda leveled off and  it’s been moving slowly down. So if you find this  support line  it’s it’s been on this nice support line for a  while, let me do this one,  which  has been on this nice support line for a while  and then you can see it’s had this pretty tough  resistance on the top here  It just I just can’t breaking  but it’s in this downward price so expect it’s  gonna keep bouncing and the risk here is one more  level down.

So right here,  so if you put some by orders in at .00027  mark for bitcoin. You got a  pretty good chance of hitting that um I’m just  cost averaging down right now the prices that I  think 11 dollars yeah to 11 dollars um I bought a  lot of mine is six dollars um and, as the price of bitcoin  goes up obviously the value of a token  that’s not gaining value is gonna go down in bitcion  on but so it’s found a nice support here.  We’re was that before uh back in August and  Then it’s had this downward capitulation stage  so a Good Buy is right in here to  um cuz. I think it’ll kinda go out here.

Few more  days and usually takes a hundred and eighty five  days of a cycle to complete and we’re at about  eighty five days 90 days so another, like eighty  90 days, so I expect probably by March or April  this will go through the stratosphere. I think this will go  through the roof so OmiseGo is my number one  pick for 2018. If you can get it for eight  dollars, nine dollars that’s the bargain of a  steal. This is a very long term fundamental hold.  Think not just 12 months but three years, four  years as Ethereum fixes their scaling  solutions. OmiseGo will also fix their scaling solutions  solutions.

So, I hope you guys make a lot of money  with this one so look forward on my next ones  make sure you subscribe if you guys need the  trading signals that we offer right now I think  we’re 36 for 38 profitable trades head over to It’s only $7 to sign up  up for 30 days most people make their money back  within that first, you know the 30 days so they  can keep keep the ongoing subscription. But  that’s it for today guys. Let me know what you  think leave some comments below hit subscribe and  I’ll see you on my next video

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Cryptocurrency Pick for 2018 is OmiseGO