A brief introduction to Vechain

We’re about to change the way we trust.  Not specifically how we trust eachother, but more in how we trust in business.  How?  By utilizing technology called Blockchain.

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Blockchain provides an open decentralized database shared by nodes participating in  a large network.  Think of it like a chain of computers that must all approve a transaction before it can  be verified and recorded in the database, creating a record whose authenticity can be  verified by the entire community.  Using this groundbreaking technology, Vechain has developed a powerful software platform  for business that makes it simple and secure for manufacturers to collect, manage and share  important product data with vendors and consumers.

A product on the VeChain platform is assigned a unique ID, which is stored simultaneously  on the blockchain, and placed on the product with an NFC chip, RFID tag or QR code.  While the blockchain technology ensures the security of the collected data, the chip,  tag or code can be interacted with through the platform at any point during the product’s  life by both vendors and consumers.  This opens up a broad range of solutions to existing problems involving brand protection,  anti-counterfeit, and even food safety by monitoring the temperature of food during  transportation.  With an ever growing list of real-world uses, Vechain is now rebranding to Vechain Thor  to achieve its vision for the new standalone platform.

The platform will also make use of its own native token asset known as the VeChain Thor  (VET) that will generate tokens over time called THOR.  These tokens will be used as gas that is needed for smart contract execution on the blockchain  as Vechain will allow governments & enterprises to run ICO’s & dAPPS.  VeChain is one of the most established blockchain companies in the industry and already has  long-lasting partnerships with giants such as PwC and DNV GL aswell as a national level  contract with the Chinese government.  The sky is the limit as VeChain is positioning itself to be THE disruptive and innovative  force that reshapes the way we think about supply chain management.  Would you like to get on the spaceship before it takes off?  Learn more about the tokens and how to acquire them by checking out the description below  or visit Vechain.com

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A brief introduction to Vechain