Why did we choose the Stellar blockchain?

Hi everyone, so why did we choose the Stellar blockchain?

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Well, there are six reasons:  First, the Stellar blockchain was specifically designed to do micro  payments in the fast, transparent, and incorruptible way  and that’s precisely what we at Irene energy  are using the blockchain for.  Second, the Stellar blockchain is notoriously energy efficient  unlike other blockchains it doesn’t require mining  instead it uses what is called  Federated Byzantine Consensus which makes it  the most energy efficient blockchain available.  Third: Cost and speed.  Transactions on Stellar take a few seconds and cost a fraction of a penny.  Four: Compliance with existing financial regulations.

On the Stellar network we, at Irene Energy, are able to create a vetted  community of KYC/AML approved individuals.That means that within this community,  people will be able to play in the crypto world without having to worry  about who is on the other end of the transactions.  This is possible on Stellar, and Stellar only.  Because thanks to Stellar KYC/AML vetting happens not only  on the primary market but also on the secondary market.

Five: Stellar has a built-in distributed exchange  which means that from day one our tokens will be tradeable.  Six: Stellar is an open source, socially responsible platform,  which we believe is the way to go for the blockchain technology  and these are the reasons why we chose the Stellar network for our token the Tellus.  Thank you for your time if you have any questions please join our telegram group.

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Why did we choose the Stellar blockchain?