What is Cardano? Charles Hoskinson – IOHK – Ada – Scalable Blockchain Technology

What’s up, YouTube?  Today, I’m back to talk about something new, a new cryptocurrency which kind of got me  excited when I was looking at Coin Market Cap.  Earlier today, I was just looking over Coin Market Cap’s website, looking at new coins  to mine, like I do a lot of times.  Something really caught my eye.  There was a new coin that was added in the last day or so that was already ranked number  17 on Coin Market Cap with a $539 million market cap, which was pretty amazing considering  how new it was, and also, I’d never heard of it.  I have not seen any other YouTube videos about it until I actually went and looked for this  particular coin before I found anything.  All of that said, let’s go ahead and jump into this.  What I’m going to be talking about today is Cordano, or Cardano, rather.

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Cardano was ranked number 17, $539 million, and that’s as of today when I’m recording  this video on October the 3rd.  I’m not sure when this video will get posted, so those numbers might have changed by the  time you see this.  What is exciting about Cardano is, is that one of its lead developers or leaders of the  project used to be with Ethereum, and that’s Charles Hoskinson.  Maybe you’ve heard of him.  He was, I believe, like, the CEO of Ethereum and I think he left before Ethereum really  launched and took off, so he wasn’t part of it recently, this was further back in the  past.  He left Ethereum and he went to IOHK, which is Input Output Hong Kong. That was the group that he formed, and some Japanese investors came to that group, the  IOHK, wanting to create something.  What came out of it is Cardano.

What makes Cardano special?

It is a smart contract platform, much like Ethereum, but it’s built on layers.  These layers allow it to be able to upgrade and expand through soft forks, so the risk  of a hard fork, it’s not a necessary thing because of the way that this technology or  this block chain is built. Talk about the layers, there’s a sediment layer which is going to have its cryptocurrency  on it.  From what I understand, Cardano isn’t the cryptocurrency.  Cardano is kind of the block chain technology, and it will have a cryptocurrency built within  it which is called Ada or Ada, A-D-A is how it’s spelled.

That’s the settlement layer where the currency lives at.  Then there is a computing layer which is where the smart contracts are built at.  After that, you have an application layer, much like Ethereum and other ones where you’ll  have your block chain applications built on top of that.  This is going to be a secure, flexible, and scalable block chain technology.  This is what mainly they’re touting.  You know, if you going to their website, that’s what you’re going to see most is that it’s  secure, that’s one of their big things, and that it’s flexible and scalable.

Which is very important, that the cryptocurrency can grow with the community that follows it  without having to have all these hard forks and everything else.  Like I said, they tout themselves as being the first block chain that has this security.  This security has been proven through science and mathematics.  There was a peer review done on it, is what they state on the website, and through that  they gained acceptance.  This would be one of the first Proof of Stake coins that has provable security, and that’s  very important with Proof of Stake.  They tout themselves as being the first block chain technology that was built with science  in a scientific way, and they have a team of leading academics and engineers as well,  which is far different from what you see with other cryptocurrencies.

Currently, their team of developers that is working on Cardano is 20 people strong.  They also have a completely separate team of people that are working on the wallet.  Their wallet is called Daedalus, and they have four independent developers working just  on the wallet piece of it.  There’s a lot of excitement around this coin, obviously.  We didn’t hear a lot about it, and that’s because these Japanese investors who came  to them wanted to start a Asia ICO, something that was going to be focused on Asia first,  and that’s why we didn’t hear about it.  They have apparently had great success in the Asia markets with their ICO and everything,  and that’s why we seen it hit the Coin Market Cap so strongly right out of the gate.  A little bit more about it and the technology from a programming aspect.

The technology from a programming aspect

The Cardano is built with Haskell, which is a proven programming language, it’s been around  for a while.  Now, they do have their own smart contract language, which is called Plutus, I think  is how you pronounce it.  It’s P-L-U-T-U-S.  It is basically a lighter weight version of Haskell, but in the future down the road with  their virtual machine that they’re building, which is much like what Ethereum uses, that’s  what all the applications are built on, you’ll be able to program with that using more traditional  languages such as C, Java, and Java Script.

You don’t necessarily have to learn this language, but if you want to get down to the nitty gritty  and you want to be able to program every aspect of it, then you’re going to need to be familiar  with their version of Haskell, the lighter weight version, which was called Plutus.  That’s important if you’re a developer, this might be something that you really want to  take a look into.  If you’re an investor and you’re looking for something new to invest in, this is something  that you want to keep your eye on because Charles Hoskinson is also involved in Ethereum  Classic.  He came from Ethereum, branched off into Ethereum Classic, which is also under the IOHK or the  Input Output Hong Kong, they manage that under that same company.

Keep your eyes out for this one, see where it goes.  They don’t have much on their website in terms of a road map just yet, but they do have a  very well designed and laid out website with a lot of other information when you look at  their, they don’t necessarily call it a white paper, but they do have quite a bit of documentation  which explains a lot more about it if you’re interested in that.  I’ll have everything linked down below, so this is something really exciting and something  that we all need to keep our eye on, because this could be big in the future, especially  if it takes off, and when you have someone so prominent such as Charles Hoskinson, somebody  that’s been in it from the beginning when Ethereum started, this is something that you  definitely need to pay attention to.

If you have any questions, you know anything more about Cardano, then please leave a comment  down below, join us in our discord chat.  Let me know what you think about it in there.  I’ll be looking forward to reading your comments.  Thanks a lot, guys.  If you like these types of videos and you want to see more like them, don’t forget to  hit that like button on this video.  Also, if you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my channel.  I really do appreciate your support.  Thanks a lot, guys.  I hope everybody has a great day.

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What is Cardano? Charles Hoskinson – IOHK – Ada – Scalable Blockchain Technology